12 Apr: The Hope

The world stands still, or so it seems. To stop the spread go to extremes. And isolate, shut yourself in. For time to fight the virus win. And yet the deaths and cases rise. From everywhere comes “good” advice. Still people live in fear of death. From Covid which will steal your breath. Do you not know who gives you air? Who counted every strand of hair?

Church Cross

10 Apr: Where is the Church?

As we approach Easter with the restrictions on meeting in place, one might wonder “Where is the Church?” While I absolutely detest the idea of not gathering as a community of faith to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the church has not gone anywhere. Why?


28 Jan: Voice of Creation

Creation proclaiming the hand. of the One forming from water land. And creating all stars in the vastness of the sky. With a spoken word in the twinkle of an eye. Then, making man from the dust of the ground. And giving them conscience. so He may be found. He opens his eyes to the beauty within