The Hope

The world stands still, or so it seems
To stop the spread go to extremes
And isolate, shut yourself in
For time to fight the virus win

And yet the deaths and cases rise
From everywhere comes “good” advice
Still people live in fear of death
From Covid which will steal your breath

Do you not know who gives you air?
Who counted every strand of hair?
He made and rules the galaxies
And quiets your anxieties

Though churches may today not meet
We’re still His hands, His mouth, His feet
The good news of our God proclaim
And hope found only in His name

In Jesus death has lost its sting
Crowned with a crown of thorns as King
He knows our sickness, pain and sin
As God who took on human skin

Do you not know that He will save?
Who rose on Easter from the grave?
And even if our life be lost
For glory not too high a cost

Saints, let’s endure with hope, being the light
Reflecting His eternal hope into the darkest night
That faith may rise in those who fear
Our God, our Easter hope, is truly near

— Marie A.


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Beautifully written and full of hope and life. Thank you for sharing your gift, Marie.

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