Church News

Introducing the IBCD Blog


A few months ago, we re-launched the IBCD website featuring events, a church calendar, recent sermons and updates from the church. Our goal was to have a website which could enable us as a church to become more effective in communicating both within IBCD (for the edification of the body of Christ) and outside IBCD (for spreading the good news of the Gospel of Christ). By this means we can become more connected to each other and to the community in which we live.

We have been encouraged by the response to the website from multiple sources. People have reported being able to better coordinate and inform themselves on church activities, others use the site to catch-up on missed Sunday sermons and even more find their way to IBCD for the first time using the website. IBCD is a very international church with over 24 nations and cultures represented. Many people attending IBCD are expats who live in Düsseldorf only for short periods of time and then must leave for work and other reasons. For these persons, the website provides a means for them to maintain a connection to IBCD even after they leave. Thus, we intend to continue to expand the services offered through our website.

Today we are launching the IBCD Blog as part of our website. The blog will add another channel of communication featuring articles, devotionals, news & updates, and more. We hope these will serve to further edify the body of Christ and be a blessing to all who visit our site.

Yours in Christ,

Jeff Hinman
IBCD Pastor