The Book of Romans, Part 37

The Book of Romans, Part 37

Living Sacrifice



I can’t speak for the state of Christianity as a whole, but in western Christianity we do not really understand, or appreciate, sacrifice. In the west we generally think of “sacrifice” in terms of tithing, and even then, we do not want to give more than is convenient for us, or we feel like we are being asked to “sacrifice” when asked to teach Sunday School once a month. We rarely think of sacrifice for our faith involving imprisonment or not being able to find a job, or even death – all of which takes place in the world today! Sacrifice means more than being “inconvenienced”. I read somewhere that sacrifice is not a sacrifice unless it hurts. Is it possible to live fully for Christ without fully changing our lives? Is it possible to even live marginally for Christ without changing our lives? No, of course not. Then what is the change going to primarily look like? It is going to look like sacrifice.




The Book of Romans


Pastor Jeff Hinman

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