The Gospel of Matthew, Part 100

The Gospel of Matthew, Part 100

Fully God, Fully Man



One of the questions people have had ever since Jesus came into human history is “who is this man?” The understanding of who Jesus is pretty much defines a person as a Christian or not. From my experience, even Christians are often unclear as to who Jesus is. Many will say he is God, but when one presses into this the understanding becomes fuzzy. How is Jesus God? What do we mean by that? He clearly states that he is not the Father, and yet says “I and the Father are one.” He says “When you’ve seen me you’ve seen the Father” and then will say there are some thing only the Father knows and that he, as the Son, does not. Sometimes he will speak with the authority of God, and at other times he will plead in prayer just as any other person would when under duress. So who is this Jesus? How is he “Fully God and Fully Man” and why does it matter?




The Gospel of Matthew


Pastor Jeff Hinman

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The Gospel of Matthew

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