Youth group meetings are a time when teens and pre-teens can develop healthy friendships with other kids their age; have discussions about the Bible and the christian life, share joys and difficulties teenagers experience, grow in their faith, and have lots of fun!

The meetings usually consist of eating together, a Bible study/discussion and games.
Sometimes we have special events, like games night, movie evenings, bowling, going out together, etc




We have two groups for different ages:

High School Youth Group – for 14 to 19 yo, meetings every Friday, from 18.30 to 21.30., in the Oasis Room

Junior High Youth Group- 11 to 13 yo. every Sunday during the morning service, in the Oasis room.

How can one help? 

People are always welcome to help volunteer and do some crowd control but please contact Sabine or email first. Help providing food/snacks is also appreciated.