Believe Series


12 May: Offering My Time

“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives,” are words spoken at the start of the soap opera Days of our Lives since its beginning on November 8, 1965. The words are spoken as we watch sand moving from the top of the hourglass to the bottom.


01 May: Prayer

Learning to pray is like going to the gym for the first time. I had a friend in college who wanted me to sign up at a gym and start working out with him. In our first session we started with the bench press. He put a bar on the weight bench. I quickly got under it and said, “I’m ready. Let’s do this!”


30 Mar: Worship

Worship can be confusing at times. People say a lot of things about worship. Some say that worship is what happens at a particular building at a particular time. Some say that worship is what you do: sing, pray, take communion and listen to a sermon.


20 Mar: Compassion

She was sitting about five feet to my right. Dark skin. Maybe ten years old. She was wearing a white dress, a ribbon in her hair, and no shoes on her feet. She had no shoes on her feet but she had a Bible in her lap.


18 Mar: Stewardship

Remember when you owned hardly anything? Life seemed a lot easier then. Parents paid the bills. Food magically appeared on the table. Clothes filled your closet. Then you got a job. You started buying your own things. You purchased your clothes.