Anxiety & Faith


15 Apr: Insomnia – Anxiety & Faith, Part 3

During my most difficult time, I would often find it difficult to sleep. Difficult to get to sleep and difficult to stay asleep. I would go over the day’s events in my head, and the next days too. Sometimes thinking up scenarios to situations that may or may not eventuate. The most awful nights were when I would wake with a panic attack.


14 Apr: Total Recall – Anxiety & Faith, Part 2

Both my sisters have anaphylaxis to peanuts (the peanut allergy). Within minutes of eating a peanut, their throats swell up and they can’t breathe. If this happens, it is vital they get an injection of adrenaline. Therefore, they carry an epipen around with them. Before the days of the epipen, my sisters would carry around an injection that would require quite some attention to administer.