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Through The Storm – Anxiety & Faith, Part 7

Here’s an example of another storm. This time Jesus was nowhere to be seen. Well, not at first anyway. Then he was walking on water and asked Peter to have the faith to walk to him. I often wonder when Peter started to sink, Jesus rescued him but how did they both get back to the boat?

Into The Storm – Anxiety & Faith, Part 6

What Jesus didn’t say here was “Let’s go to the middle of the lake and drown.” There was a storm coming and he told the disciples the destination – the other side of the lake. So when the storm came Jesus was asleep. Sometimes I would wonder, during my storm, if Jesus was sleeping. Why was the storm still raging around me?

Armor of God 1080p
Amour of God – Anxiety & Faith, Part 5

If you’ve been a believer for any length of time or if you grew up in church you’ve probably memorised the armour. The piece of armour that I struggled with the most was the Helmet of Salvation. In reading this scripture one day I realised that often I wasn’t wearing this helmet and my head was being pummelled as a consequence.

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